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Diets Don’t Work – Part 1

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a diet. Raise your hand if you’ve dieted two or more times in your life. Now think of how many people you know who have dieted. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of dieting. It is estimated that 45 million Americans diet each year. 45 […]

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Personal Trainers: Sorting The Good From The Bad

  Ugh. Bad personal trainers. They’re everywhere. On t.v., in magazines, on YouTube in the gym. I hear them giving bad (sometimes dangerous) advice and I see people, all the time, heeding the advice of these misguided trainers because what most people don’t know is that not all trainers are created equal. A great personal […]

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Super Quick BBQ-Chicken Salad

Despite all of my planning and prepping, some nights I just don’t have time to cook a dinner. This BBQ Chicken Salad is our don’t-have-time-to-cook solution. In the colder months, you can heat up the chicken to make it a warm salad and in the warm months, it’s perfect dinner on a hot summer day. […]

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Why I Love Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! I love my birthday. I love it because, as the saying goes, the alternative to getting older just isn’t that appealing. I’ve watched too many people I love face the prospect of not having another birthday and on my birthday, I am so grateful for another year […]

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What’s Cooking in Our House

I am always on the lookout for recipes that are tasty, relatively easy, and of course, healthy. Here’s what’s been cooking in our house this week. These steak tacos from Feasting at Home are high on our list of favorites. I’ll admit it takes a little prep time – usually Doug and I prep this one together – but […]

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Your No-Fail New Year’s Resolutions

This weekend my daughter decided she was going to build a Lego helicopter. She doesn’t have a Lego helicopter set or instructions for one. She had to use her existing Legos and figure out how to build it herself. Her first attempt was pretty spectacular (I might be a tad biased), but it didn’t quite […]

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