Diets Don’t Work – Part 1

Diets don't work - Part 1 |
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a diet. Raise your hand if you’ve dieted two or more times in your life. Now think of how many people you know who have dieted. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of dieting. It is estimated that 45 million Americans diet each year. 45 million. Think about that number. 45 milion. Every single year. That is a lot of dieting going on.

200 Years Of Dieting
Dieting goes back at least as far as 1820 when the vinegar and water diet was introduced. The diet consisted of drinking only apple cider vinegar and water (apparently the diet gurus are running out of ideas because this one has been getting recycled recently). That’s nearly 200 years of dieting. 200 years. You would think that in 200 years of dieting, we’d have perfected it by now, right? Two hundred years seems like ample time to perfect dieting. But research tell us that we have done anything but perfect dieting.


45 Million Diets
Dieting has been around for 200 years and yet, according the the CDC, 69% of Americans are overweight. If 45 million Americans diet every year, and if diets have been around for 200 years, why are 2/3 of us still overweight? The diet inudstry wants to blame you. The diet industry wants you to think it’s your lack of willpower. It’s time to pull back the curtain and realize that the great and powerful diet industry is trying to pull one over on you.


Diets Actually Predict Weight Gain
Studies have shown that almost all people go off of their diets within 12 months and virtually no one makes it to the 2 year mark. Diets take a lot of effort (not that I’m opposed to effort) so why would anyone want to put so much effort into something they will only benefit from for one year, two at best? That’s like going to the gym for two years and then saying, “Ok, I worked out for two years. I’ll never have to work out again”. It just doesn’t make sense.


The Proof Is In The Study

  • A twin study done in Finland found that people who had dieted once in their life had a significantly higher chance of gaining weight compared to those who hadn’t dieted at all. In fact, it seems that every time a person diets, their potential for gaining weight goes up respectively.
  • Another study published in 2006 ( Neumark-Sztainer et al 2006) found that teenage dieters had twice the risk of becoming overweight, compared to non-dieting teens.
  • A team of UCLA researchers reviewed 31 long term studies on the effectiveness of dieting and concluded that dieting is a consistent predictor of weight gain—up to two-thirds of the people regained more weight than they lost. Still think dieting is the way to lose weight?
The diet industry is very good at convincing you that their way will work for you. And with $66 billion dollars at stake, they’re going to do everything in their power to keep you thinking that you need them. I’m here to show you the truth. This series is going to take you through why diets don’t work so when the next trendy diet that comes along you won’t fall for it.
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