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Friday Favorites |

Friday Favorites |

Favorite On Instagram

Into The Okavango
I follow over 600 Instagrammers and this is by far one of my favorites. It’s one of the feeds I am hoping to see new posts from every time I open the app. Their profile invites you to “Join us on a 90 day, 3 country, 1000 mile human-powered expedition through one of the planet’s most inaccessible and important ecosystems.” This account follows the trail of real-life explorers as they are “finding new species, exploring new ground, and taking the pulse of this mighty river that brings life-giving water to the Jewel of the Kalahari.” They share their stories of searching for new species, travelling through a country littered with mine fields. It’s fascinating and educational and an account I love to share with my daughter.

Favorites On Netflix

Am I the only one who thought showrunners were people who ran errands for shows?  Apparently they have slightly more important roles than tha – like they are in charge of the entire show. Anyway, I really enjoyed this documentary, which takes us behind the scenes of network t.v. shows. And if I’m being honest, what I really liked was seeing that no matter how successful they are, all writers struggle with the creative process.
Hot Girls Wanted
I saved this for last because it wasn’t something I loved but it was something I needed. This documentary, which was just added to Netflix,  looks at girls who answer Craigslist ads for amateur porn. If you, like me, have preconceived notions about the “types” of girls that end up in porn, or about the “types” of families they come from watch this movie. If you, like me, did NOT grow up in the age of the internet, watch this movie. I’ll warn you: It’s disturbing and hard to watch. And be warned it could be a trigger for anyone with a history of sexual abuse. It was difficult to watch but I am very glad I did. It opened my eyes to how different the world my daughter is growing up in is from the world I grew up in. 
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